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Karyn is a truly amazing human being and life coach. Two years ago, I called Karyn in a panic. I had just been accepted into a festival for solo performers, but it meant transforming a two-character play into a one person solo -- while working full time. She urged me to meet with her, and when I did, she asked me a lot of questions in a number of categories – practical, creative, logistical, short term, longer term, who were my resources – and within a surprisingly short amount of time, I had a plan! With Karyn’s ability to organize, my chaotic life became more manageable, and magically, it seemed like there were more hours in a day! I found time to write and when I couldn’t write, she taught me how to chip away at tasks that didn’t require creativity, only time. With Karyn’s weekly support, humor, and guidance, I juggled job and project successfully. Her belief in me gave me both the idea and the courage to believe in myself.


Melissa R. Randel

Former Co-Chair of Theatre Glendale Community College

MA Theatre

Theatre maker, Director, Playwright, Choreographer


Karyn helped me “jump start” my life.  I had a job that was going nowhere and I knew I wanted to do something else but couldn't quite figure out what that was.  She helped me identify what my passion was/is and guided me as to what steps to take to create my own company. It is a process but I am no longer fearful. I took a chance like I never would have thought I could and I did it!


Kahlil Nelson


Founder and Director

Six years ago my 2nd divorce was finalized and I was resigned to spending the rest of my life alone. One day I met an acquaintance in a restaurant who had a similar scenario. Since last seeing him he had met a woman and they were in a committed relationship. He said that everything was terrific in his life. I asked him what his secret was and he said he found a Life Coach named Karyn Klein. He said she had helped him work through problems that had interfered with his past relationships. He had learned how to deal with people and situations in an entirely different way and, because of this, all aspects of his life had vastly improved. I called her and she assisted me in doing the same. The insights and tools she gave me improved both my personal and professional life. I have since found the “perfect” woman (for me) and am happier than I have ever been. Her intuition and ability to work with men is what singles her out from other coaches. 


Joel Soyffer

Grammy/Emmy Award Record Producer

When I met Karyn I was at a time of my life where I was ready to make a change. I had many goals but was having trouble tackling them without becoming exhausted or frustrated. With Karyn’s help, I was able to prioritize my ideas and create an action plan. We developed concrete tools so I could begin to realize my dreams. In the past two years, I graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and landed an amazing job at Covington Capital Management in Downtown Los Angeles. I am naturally an introvert yet Karyn was always able to make me feel comfortable enough so that I improved the way I communicate. I am certain the skills I learned were what enabled me to get out of my comfort zone and secure my current fabulous job. She is warm and funny and has taught me so very much. 

Thank you for helping me understand myself so much better!


Eda Niño

Investment Associate

Karyn is the life coach for life coaches or for people who think they can read every self-help book on the market and fix themselves or for anyone whose own energy is overwhelming them.   She has a truly gifted ability to see an individual in a state of crisis and guide them back to themselves. Your soul will thank you for time with Karyn!

Meghan Blueberry McCarthy

Doctor of Science in Health Care Administration


I reached out to Karyn less than a week after my partner of 2 years broke up with me. The break up came as a total shock and, to top it off, I had been feeling like I was drowning at work for months. Through my break up and my struggles at work, I discovered I didn’t have a voice. Karyn has helped me regain my voice and has bettered my communication skills. She has taught me that I can be sad and vulnerable while still being kind to myself. These are two things that I have really struggled with. Karyn is a true light of hope. I would not have made this much progress, and so quickly, without her guidance.

Erin Wakabayashi

Manager/Interior Design Specialist

Karyn is a phenomenal coach! She is a mix of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and a personalized version of chicken soup for your soul.  You will laugh and cry while having many “AHA” moments along the way. Karyn has been my coach for many years. She has assisted me during various transitional phases in my life and has helped me identify my emotional and mental road blocks. 


If you are ready to embark on the journey to improvement, Karyn is a wonderful guide. The journey within yourself is not for the faint of heart. You have to cross the barren desert to arrive to your personal oasis. Karyn will coach you, but she does not do the work for you. She is tantamount to a personal trainer for your emotions, mentality, and spirit. Karyn will push you beyond what you think you can handle because she is skilled and knows how much more “weight” to add to your personal exercise. 


If you are ready for serious change, she will offer you personalized practical advice to get you to your goal. She often reminds me that I already have all of the answers within. In the darkness of the journey Karyn holds your hand, asks you the tough questions, and helps you reach further than you thought you could. Then voila – you come to find your own beacon of light within yourself that was there all along. 


Valerie Uribe

Attorney/Adjunct Professor at USC School of Law

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