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Give Thought to What Photos Reflect You


A picture is worth a thousand words. We have all heard that adage. This seems to be inherent and even indispensable in the online dating world.

Photos can be enticing, seductive, and tremendously inviting, all of which are great fun in the anticipation of these favorable offerings. Then there are other photos that evoke curiosity, disbelief, even incredulity.

During my dating tenure I have witnessed pictures that would have you doubting that the invention of the camera was a positive endeavor. I have seen dreadful photos that virtually leap off the screen and overwhelm the senses. One fellow displayed a rattlesnake around his neck and another donned a vest made of chains. There was a rather “stocky” guy (his words, not mine) who was standing in front of his enormously large pick up truck replete with a confederate flag. I have noticed numerous photos with a man who has his arms around a woman’s waistline of a similar or younger age; please don’t make us guess who this is. Your sister? Co-worker? Ex?

I think my favorite picture was the guy who was lying in the sun with a beer resting on a belly more ample than mine when I was 8 months pregnant.

These are great examples of pictures NOT to post.

Now, a few suggestions to consider: Give some thought about what type of photos will best reflect you. Make certain the image is large enough we can actually see you. Be accurate about your age, weight and height. Have someone take a current picture when you are dressed well (meaning no his or her sweatpants.) Women, don’t sell your soul but a touch of make-up can’t hurt, although I am certain we all look utterly perfect without it, right? Most guys have reported that too much make-up is a definite turnoff as is a woman dressing like a “professional.” No need to elaborate on that statement. Men, if you are at an age where you are fortunate enough to still have hair, trim it and comb it. Women like men who are well put together. Rid yourselves of the baseball caps, especially worn backwards. We will discover what is or isn’t underneath. There is nowhere to hide. Whatever age, clean shaven or tastefully scruffy; make certain we can differentiate between the two.

First date surprises translate into quick goodbyes. Offering a caption on your pictures such as “Italy, 2016” garners points. No more than two pictures of your animals or sunsets. And finally, if you are standing in front of a Porsche or a jet, make certain it is yours.

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