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How Does One Decide Appropriate Attire?

What to wear on a first date…

This may sound trite but what does one wear on a first date?I have spent more time than I care to admit standing in front of my closet peeking in and glazing over, painfully aware that I will, at some point, have to make a commitment. Not to the guy I am going out with, just to an outfit. Having been told my wardrobe is fabulous hasn't helped me be any more proficient in dressing for success. Also, I take this compliment in stride as it was my mother who issued it and she still wears shoulder pads. Apparently, they are coming back in vogue which fills me with utter dread. How does one decide the appropriate attire to don for that introductory meeting? First, make certain you feel absolutely comfortable in your clothing. Not too baggy or excessively tight and nothing assaulting to the eyes unless you intend on bringing sunglasses for your date. Fashion that is age appropriate is highly recommended, although I am certain most of you 40 and older still have the same body as when you were a high school cheerleader or football player. Consider clothing that mirrors the authentic style you presented in your profile picture whether conservative or edgy.

The second thing to think about when deciding what to wear is the location you have chosen to meet. For example, I have officially given up wearing a bikini in public. For me both a bathing suit and a walk on the beach for my inaugural encounter are easily off the table. Those of you under the age of 25 may feel entirely differently (which,I admit, makes me both nostalgic and somewhat hostile.) Several people have told me stories of their first rendezvous and what they would and wouldn’t repeat regarding their outfits. One of my clients was invited to a very original outing, a group paint and wine class. Unfortunately she made the mistake of wearing her favorite white jeans resulting in a low level calamity. She enjoys red libations and has never been near an easel. Not the best pairing and her now colorful pants have been permanently retired. I interviewed a guy who had decided to take his date to the theatre as she had stated this was one of her passions. He had very little experience in that venue and hadn’t a clue as to what to wear. It would have been most helpful had he executed a bit of research as his shorts and sneakers were not received well. Needless to say, it was an early evening. I once had a stylist look at my clothing to help me find my own groove. It was like an episode of the reality show where virtually every piece of apparel is dismissed. I ended up questioning my ability to coordinate an ensemble for the day yet alone a date. After firing her I adopted the challenge of putting myself together as a solo proprietor. As can you.

Yes, I still stand in front of my closet and ruminate yet trust my ability to select a fitting choice. I ultimately rely on my personality and overall presentation. Clothing is but icing on the cake.

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