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How I Became a Life Coach...

Being a teacher is my passion and an inherent part of my DNA. I have been a professor, business owner, professional dancer, entrepreneur and mentor my entire adult life.….SO…HOW DID I BECOME A LIFE COACH?


GOOD CHOICE:  My mom told me she knew I was going to be a dancer by the time I was three. Followed my heart and passion, had a wonderful and prolific career and twirled my way into adulthood with abandon and glee.  Just what I was meant to do and be.


NOT SO GOOD CHOICE: Moved from New York to Miami during college to follow a guy. Have you ever spent a summer in Miami? I think the heat made me lose sight of my dreams. Didn’t stay in Miami and didn’t stay with the guy.


GOOD CHOICE: Moved to Los Angeles and got my Masters degree in Dance from UCLA. I think no longer being in the oppressive heat gave me the new-found strength to chair the dance program at USC (at age 25) which was the opportunity of a lifetime!


NOT SO GOOD CHOICE: Getting and staying married (20 years) to a brilliant guy who unfortunately wasn’t a good fit for me. Didn’t trust my intuition to call off the wedding although the warning signs were there.


GOOD CHOICE: Going back to school and opening my Pilates/Gyrotonic® studio. 25 years later my business is flourishing and I'm still loving it!


NOT SO GOOD CHOICE: Painting my kitchen white instead of cherry red.  You can't imagine how many shades of white there are!  Choosing one gave me a headache for a week.

GOOD CHOICE: Performed in a really hip dance company while continuing to teach at local community colleges.   All of this felt “right” and joyous in my body and mind.

NOT SO GOOD CHOICE:  Buying a “mom” car when I wanted a sports car.

GOOD CHOICE: Invented three Fitness products and took a leap of faith by starting my own fitness business. This time I was much better prepared as I had purchased three books on Starting A Business For Dummies. I promised myself I would read at least one. 

BEST CHOICE: I listened to my wonderful sister who, after she became a Martha Beck Life Coach, recommended I do the same. Becoming a Life Coach truly changed the course of my life. 

  • I no longer make decisions because I think it is the “right" thing to do or am afraid of hurting someone’s feelings

  • I learned how to tune in and listen to my body which is an invaluable resource for discovery. 

  • I have given up living in the world of absolutes (I should, I need to, I can’t, I will never)

  • I now make choices that are true to my core values and what I really desire. Simplistic yet profound.


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