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If you would have told me seven years ago I would be coaching about the subject of online dating, you would have been met with a blank stare. 


Nevertheless, that is exactly what I am doing and I love it. 


I have dabbled in the dating world for several years. Initially I was genuinely excited and hopeful about finding a partner. My enthusiasm quickly moved into endless fatigue. Within a month, my ego had been shredded into a million forlorn pieces. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I wasn’t having much success; what I knew was that I was ready to call it quits. Before bailing, I decided to do a bit of research on the subject of dating and was fascinated by what I discovered. Did you know there are over 107 million single people in America and over 50 million people (yes, REALLY!) have tried online dating? I find these numbers to be staggering yet almost every single person I have spoken with absolutely despises (or despised) the overall experience. And I thought I was unique…


It became my mission to identify the reason(s) why this was the case. I was determined to remodel my mental home so I could move into a more positive mindset. My hopes were to impart my promising discoveries to others.


I began talking with people and, more importantly, listening.  Individual conversations included disappointments, successes, rejections; each a unique story with numerous common threads. 


This is why my focus in coaching became about dating, relationships and communication. 


My clients repeatedly told me that they would like a forum where their countless questions and concerns regarding the dating world could and would be addressed. Because of this, I created a class called “THE HIGHS AND WOES OF INTERNET DATING.” The issues that arise in class have to do with relationships and communication. I have found that dating is a wonderful opportunity to hone the skills we already have. In addition, we can address and develop those that are still somewhat out of reach. So much to learn and so many tools in which to help us be more successful…in dating and all of our relationships.


Each of us yearns for love, laughter and richness in our lives, all of which are readily attainable. Explore, be open to new ideas, go out of your comfort zone, delve deep and always aim for the moon…


There are many partners to be found. We just have to be ready to find them.


I always say to my clients “do what lights you up”. Coaching people in this capacity absolutely does for me.

Highs and Woes of Internet Dating Classes

Course will resume: TBD

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